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Journal of the American Gourd Society
Summer, 1999

In the Spring of 1999, I travelled thru West Africa and I found gourds still being used as they have been for thousands of years - having a central and accepted place in the core of every day life. Enjoy this armchair tour of the world of gourds in West Africa.

Ginger Summit
Gourd Author

National Gardening
June, 1999

An article by the NG staff recommends my books: Gourds in Your Garden, and The Complete Book of Gourd Craft as resources for more information about gourds. As well, there are some photographs of gourds I have created for this and other writings about gourds.

Rebecca's Garden
Early Spring, 1999,

With beautiful photos of long handled dipper gourds, ornamental gourds, techniques of shaping gourds while they grow, this article addresses the gardening aspect of gourds, and also provides a full page of the steps necessary to get a gourd ready for a craft project.

Pacific Horticulture
Winter 1998 pg 11

As an addendum to an article by Wayne Armstrong entitled "the Wild and wonderful Family of Gourds" I have written an article about growing ornamental and hardshell gourds and the luffa.

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